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We are brand storytellers, language enthusiasts and technology buffs. That is everything your organisation needs to own the marketing game. We help organisations design and implement media strategies across wide plethora of platforms to achieve maximum outreach for furthering their interests. Our application of an engineering approach to the whole cycle of value creation in research and development ensures consumers’ engagement. The 26Hub Value Creators get at that question of what works best regarding 26 letters of the Alphabet.

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  • Content with Content?

    There is always so much going on about the content. We hear all sorts of things about it. Starting right from the content making, content marketing through to the content writing etc and all that has to do with the content. Any random bunch of words, or pictures stuffed up together or signs or designs really would NOT qualify for content, will it? (okay! Well that would be poor quality content or thin content likely to be hit by panda, penguin or other similar smart Google algorithms, why? Simply because Quality matters.) Broadly speaking, CONTENT is a vehicle if you please, the substance, our message whatever that might be.

  • 6 Literary Love Quotes for this Love Season

    It’s the season of love! And the best way to celebrate this season is with some romantic quotes from the literary world. Love’s been a source of inspiration from Jane Austen, who had written some of the best romantic fiction novels including Pride and Prejudice (1813), Sense and Sensibility (1811), to American romance novelist Nicholas Spark, eleven of whose romantic-drama novels were adapted into films including The Notebook (1996).

  • Customised publication: Key to achieve target-driven marketing goals

    Penetration of digital media widens every year. Time spent by consumers on digital media increases every year. Latest digital tools with user-friendly experience are introduced every year. Higher number of media houses and advertisers alike are investing in interactive digital platforms every year. And print versus digital debate intensifies every year.

  • Simplifying nomenclature of the content writing world

    Bill Gates’ famous mantra, ‘Content is king’, has rightly been reinforced by ‘Context is queen’. Ability to differentiate between the two, however, holds the key to a successful branding strategy. Sharp and engaging content is every business’ need but usually this is the area that they struggle the most with. While achievement in this field is riding mainly on communications experts but lack of clarity at the commissioning level is a huge deal-breaker.

  • Newsletters - Creating a Personal & Lasting Bond

    A cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact, newsletters help create a personal and lasting bond with consumers. Let’s be clear - readers feel an emotional attachment to their email newsletters.

  • Free Event Marketing – Yes, you can!

    We are living in an interconnected world; the power of technology has changed the way we live and do business. So, your big event is lined up and you are left with limited or no budget; well, fret not!

  • Using Social Media for Brand Promotion

    The social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives, personally as well as professionally. More and more companies are realising the importance of social media, and devising strategies to extract the maximum out of it for brand promotion.