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Content with Content?

There is always so much going on about the content. We hear all sorts of things about it. Starting right from the content making, content marketing through to the content writing etc and all that has to do with the content. Any random bunch of words, or pictures stuffed up together or signs or designs really would NOT qualify for content, will it? (okay! Well that would be poor quality content or thin content likely to be hit by panda, penguin or other similar smart Google algorithms, why? Simply because Quality matters.) Broadly speaking, CONTENT is a vehicle if you please, the substance, our message whatever that might be.

Simply put content could be a video, it could be a tagline, it could be a happy literature for the website, it could be a sign, a symbol, a logo, a design, a picture anything and everything that has the capacity to get the message across. That’s for the starters but what is of utmost importance is that the vehicle that carries your message must be attractive, must be interesting, must be informative and most of all should be able to solve the problem (if that is the intent, whatever be the case)

Content is always backed by intent:

Who are we?
What are we doing? Educating? Informing? Entertaining? Selling?
Who are we talking to?
Who could benefit from us? Or who are we serving? What are we giving?
What is it we are offering that others aren’t?

Whatever be the case either we are engaging or persuading. Surely encouraging a response!

Content has a serious role to serve. Well content does matter but let us understand the workings, and the multiple aspects that go into making the content work. Even before we delve into all that, let us understand the content in its totality.

Mostly the requirement of the content will determine how the content is to be designed or developed
Many a times certain projects might need a sheer translation
while other times the need might be around recreating the content, jazzing it up a little
Most importantly the last one which to me is a sure success, where the tone, concept, idea, style and intent is all strategically incorporated in the writing where we are essentially trans-creating literature.

What are the tools that we are likely to use - Relevant terms, language, ideas, themes, accuracy of grammar, spell checks, style, syntax, punctuation, format, special characters, hyphens, quotes where needed, important information whatever suitable in terms of size, date, numbers of all sorts, adhering to the legals - copyrights etc etc

While that is a more traditional approach what may be said to be trending today is a more strategically placed content that makes it not only sharp but has the smarts to penetrate the intended segment of the market. And THAT would be a right mix of traditional plus a bit more user-friendly, that is

  • NOT alone looking at how hard we are selling ourselves but concentrating on how are we adding to the consumer’s advantage - Value add
  • Keeping in mind the target audience - designing content that is expected, sought for by the relevant masses that are in NEED of the content you may be generating
  • Ensuring easy search options, again the user friendliness is the focus, keywords are used to make it easy for readers to get us because the objective is to instill trust in your products
  • Functionality focus, how are we styling so that it is liked by the relevant audience
  • Again, can’t emphasis enough HOW important the value is, AGAIN are we making a difference, if yes what is our point of difference? Are we bias free?

Now, whether the content is of quality is a matter of great debate. Are we meeting the quality qualifying areas? So we like to think, okay! like to believe, right?

Any business small or large, irrespective of whether it is just a start up or an established giants such as Tata, Birlas or a mediocre just generating essential sales company.  Whatever be the nature of the industry each one tries to put forth a picture that looks believable. At least it seems so.
If it’s a service industry, an agency at function. It is normally full of promises (whether they deliver or not is a different story altogether)
What do the company bio data sound like? Yes, while most of the things are a pure cliché.

…we are the best service…

…Best service at competitive cost…

…honest, dedicated agency that knows to give you what you want…

AND the list is endless. You know where we are getting at.
Whichever be the case, your website is your essence. Your true image which only can be conveyed most effectively if it is put in a language that is understood!

Translation - Is it creating meaning? What has it got to give? Is it making a difference? (in other’s lives? Their business?)

Undeniably it would have to be a sure shot heads up to – trans created content in terms of effectiveness does make an impact. That is what we believe in.

Since its inception, The 26Hub has been catering to different business types - small & large ones. Starting right from signing a contract, our sole focus is to understand the client and its distinguished business need. We befriend you and work in tandem to translate your needs into actuality. We are constantly improvising and adapting ensuring we always deliver, and make a difference. We don’t believe in hollow promises, we just deliver. We realise and understand the expectations and as a team our focus is to deliver what is needed. That said there is always a possibility of not so merry hiccups but we sail through & cope. Shortage of data, delays etc. We stay grounded, keep things realistic & ensure we deliver even through times of crisis & pressure.

We pride ourselves on our point of difference as it simply IS different. Why? Because quality speaks for itself! It doesn’t require any convincing & it is for that very reason content matters. It is who we are.

What is it? Content, remember Content Matters!