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Designing web solutions for all business needs

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Communications strategies for mass outreach


Market research reports and go-to strategies

Team Page

The 26Hub is a team of seasoned, committed and passionate communication experts who offer a bouquet of services ranging across variety of communication media to assist you reach your target audience. We create customized smart world-class solutions to fill in all the communication gaps through detailed research.

Alankar Srivastava
Group Facilitator

Time! The clock is always ticking towards deadline, and that’s what gets him going. Being a part of the history when it’s made is the reason he got into journalism, to which he has given more than a decade. An ability to deliver thought-provoking content, and a knack for connecting with the readership got him into the big media groups such as The Indian Express and The Times of India at the start of his career. He got a chance to do a little bit of everything at start-up, and build a business from the ground up at As the Editor-at-Large of the publishing house L.B. Associates Pvt. Ltd. (LBA), he was the head of the Editorial Department and the Contract Publishing Division wherein he met and interviewed heads of state, ambassadors, high commissioners, foreign ministers, and business leaders. Alankar Srivastava is responsible for strengthening the market position, securing new business deals, exploring business avenues, expanding the footprints and enhancing the reputation of The 26Hub.

Dhiraj Minocha
Chief Technology Officer

A technical wizard, Dhiraj Minocha has introduced groundbreaking technical products to the market for over 21 years while working with media moguls and business honchos. Dhiraj holds command in domains like Web 2.0, Enterprise Applications, Data Consolidation, e-Commerce and Content Management as he continuously innovates and apprises himself of new technologies on the block. Dhiraj holds an MCA degree, a diploma in GNX, superpower in time management and relentless passion for providing key technical solutions to the web world problems.

Sarungbam Pushparani
Manager, Content Design

Sarungbam is a content curator with a decade of experience across varied sectors and industries. Her expertise includes designing, commissioning and managing content for websites, social media networks and mobile phones. Commanding balanced understanding of journalism and content production, Sarungbam swears by web and new media as powerful communication tools of our age. Constantly exploring new avenues for user-engaging content, she holds a degree in Arts and a PG diploma in Journalism. Ms. Pushparani is a creative writer, curious reader, and merciless editor.

Ravi Ranjan
Web Architect

Ravi Ranjan is a specialist web-developer with more than 15 years of experience of coding and programming with top-notch media companies in India. He has implemented advance technologies for web application, Software design, Content management system and E-commerce. Innovator par excellence, Ravi has single-handedly developed and managed numerous expansive web portals and other technical projects. Ravi has MCA and BSc. Physics degrees and unmatched exploratory learner ability.

Vision and Mission

Businesses don’t create value, people do

The 26Hub was created with a vision to make high quality verbal and visual content available to businesses at cost effective price. Enterprises struggle getting access to customized language solutions. We are here to correct the commas and insert the apostrophes and give grammar its due to help your business make a desired impression.